Kleenoil MFS 4XSDU 9788

Kleenoil MFS 4XSDU 9788

The Kleenoil Filtration System is a multi-purpose fluid cleaning system, which is available in different models. The system can be used to clean most mineral oils such as hydraulic, gear and transmission oils, diesel type fuels and many soluble oils and fluids. In its static form, it can be permanently connected to large fluid reservoirs where the machines and engines are in constant use. As a mobile trolley it has a wide variety of applications, such as oil and rotational cleaning of factory machinery.

Operating principle – In-depth filter:

The kleenoil Filter Cartridges are made of densely wound pure coniferous long fiber wood pulp paper and manufactured by kleenoil UK itself. The filter cartridges act both by Absorption and Adsorption” in a continuous recycling process.

The long fiber of the paper attracts the water formed either through the combustion process or by condensation and absorb it like a sponge, at the same time rejecting the large oil molecules, which are forced to pass between the tight winding of the cartridges.

As the oil passes through the cartridge, minute carbon, wear metals and silicon are extracted from the oil by adhering to any of the surfaces of the filter – a process known as adsorption.

The filter cartridge has an additional “Polypropylene disc” at the bottom to remove any particle that may pass through- offering a second stage of filtration.

We designed our Dedicated Oil Filtration System for use as dedicated filtration equipment on sumps and reservoirs. These systems can accommodate a wide range of flow rates, always leaving the possibility of higher flow rates with custom orders.

The Gear Oil Filtration System comes attached with Magnet filters or fluid line filters. This reduces tools and workpiece damage caused by ferrous metal chips, filings and dust which get into coolant systems during burnishing, drilling, milling, grinding, broaching and other machining operations.

Kleenoil Products

  • Continuous and quick oil filtration.
  • Ultra-fine contamination control to finer than one micron.
  • Removes contaminant particles down to less than 0.5 microns.
  • Removes water content from oil to less than 0.25% up to capacity of cartridges.
  • Reduces component wear (seals, piston rods, pumps etc.)
  • Reduces the incidence of sticking & worn value components.
  • Filter cartridge can be changed within minutes.
  • No machine downtime as oil is cleaned continuously while the machine is in operation.
  • Electric Motor: 0.75kw/1.0HP/415kv 3 Phase 1450rpm
  • Flow rate: 900lph
  • Suitable for tanks: Up to 6,000ltrs
  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 950X700X1100(mm)
  • Weight : Approx. 100 kg

• Eclipse magnetic filter
• Particle counter

Oil Flow Rate: Output levels are dependent on viscosity, temperature, degree of contamination, and oil pressure