Rust Preventive Oil

Rust preventive oils are applied to metals during a semi-finished or finished stage. They work by creating a protective coating around metal which prevents contact of the corrosive substance with the metal.

Rust preventive agents are either water-based or solvent based. Water-based agents are safe for environment according to rust preventive oil manufacturers in India.

Rust preventives on mineral oil base are generally used for short-term inter-operational protection, coating components before wrapping or as a temporary protection of metal bar, rod or strip. Rust preventive oil suppliers suggest its use as flushing oil for internal protection of engines and machinery.

They find extensive use in automotive sector where they are used to improve the performance of brake systems, cooling systems and other parts. These oils provide lubrication to metal parts in addition to protecting them from rust.

Rust preventive oils are used to protect components previously exposed to water containing machines and grinding coolants, cleaners or water rinses. They are also used for the protection of metal parts and components stored indoor in humid conditions.

Problem because of Contaminated Oil:

Rust Particles.