We at Kleenoil Filtration Services are specialized in cleaning, reclamation and rejuvenation of Industrial oils. We enhance fluid life, reduce waste & cost of replacement that causes damage to the environment. We as a professional service provider help you to reduce your expenditures on fluids. The oils that we treat successfully are hydraulic oils, lube oils, gear oil, compressor oils, thermal oil and synthetic fluids, solvent etc.

Kleenoil Filtration Services offers you a maintenance program that allows you to judge:

  • What are your contamination types and issues?
  • How can you minimize that contamination from entering the machines?
  • How can you remove contamination which does enter from inside the machine?
  • How can you maximize oil life?

So our focus is to

  • Make sure the oil you are using is the optimum available for the job.
  • Identify the contamination which is effecting your oil.
  • Investigate and advise you of methods for contamination control.
  • Reduce the wear in your machinery.
  • Extend oil life without any risk.

Company's Served - Oil Management