Hydraulic By Pass Filters

Hydraulic By Pass Filters

The Kleenoil “high pressure” oil filter can be fitted on the “By-Pass” basis to hydraulic systems, compressors, or any system with oil at pressure up to 3000psi. The flow through the Kleenoil filter is controlled to approx. 4ltrs per minute at 40psi. A flow rate which is low enough to have negligible effect on most “system pressures”, yet high enough to ensure that oil is being kept in “as – new” condition.

  • More than 70% of Hydraulic Failures are caused by contaminants in the oil.
  • Heavily contaminated oil can reduce power by as much as15-20%, slowing machine response and taking longer to perform an operation.
  • By following a few basic tips listed below, the life of piston rods, seals, valves and pumps can be more than doubled.
  • By Maintaining the hydraulic fluid in ‘as-new’ condition, the life of the same components can be increased ten-fold.

Kleenoil Products

  • Continuous and quick oil filtration.
  • Ultra-fine contamination control to finer than one micron.
  • Dedicated filtration.
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Core-magnet fitted to existing filter units.

Filter Unit images
Filter Unit Code HDU 9778 KU65 SDU 9788
Filter Cartridge Code HDC 1878 KF65 SDC 1888
Suitable for tanks Upto 500 ltrs Upto 1000 ltrs Upto 1500 ltrs
Water retention (down to<0.05%) 0.56ltrs 0.95ltrs 1.2ltrs
Technical Specs of Unit (mm) H 165 Dia 150 H 165 Dia 180 H 165 Dia 220
Technical Specs of Catridge (mm) H 105 Dia 145 H 105 Dia 175 H 105 Dia 200