Ginning Press

Ginning is the first mechanical process involved in processing cotton. Ginning machine separates cotton fibers from the seed bolls and dust particles. Cotton fibers pressed to bales by using hydraulic pressing machine. The development of different varieties, Fiber growth, Grading and Marketing. Storage of seed cotton, Handling of seed Cotton, Working principles of different Conveying systems. Importance, Working principle and classification of pre & post cleaners. Study of double roller gins with auto feeder & ginning percentage, maintenance schedules and setting of gin machines and effect of gin settings on fiber parameters. Operation of lint condenser, bale press, working of hydraulic pressing machine, packing material etc. Sampling for testing, measurement of length, fineness, maturity and strength, fiber quality index and moisture. Brief account of fiber quality using HVI methods.

Problem because of Contaminated Oil:

Cotton Fiber Particles, Hydraulic Cylinder Damage, Pump Damage, Valves Damage, Pressure Problem, Dirt & Carbon Problem In Oil, Moisture In Oil.

Where to use Kleenoil Filtration Machine: