Kleenoil By-Pass Filters

Kleenoil By-pass filters

Typically, the very best full-flow filters capture only 50 % at particle sizes of 10 microns and above. Smaller soot suspension and insoluble that can also cause wear and deposits are not controlled effectively by these full-flow filters.
For this reason, compressed cellulose depth media used as bypass filters can offer benefits in removing fine organic and inorganic particles.
The Kleenoil By-Pass filters operate by filtering oil on a “partial-flow” basis. They draw approximately 10 % of the oil pump’s capacity at any one time and trap the extremely small, wear-causing contaminants that full-flow filters can’t remove.
They have a high-pressure differential, causing the oil to flow through them very slowly and allowing for the removal of smaller contaminants.
You may install the KLEENOIL hydraulic by-pass filter on individual machines for 24X7 filtration. Oil will be continuously cleaned as and when machine is in operation and no manual intervention is required.