Micromag Magnetic Filters

Micromag Magnetic Filters

The Micromag is a magnetic filter that is designed to remove ferrous or para-magnetic contamination from fluids. This latest generation of magnetic filters is capable of sub-micron filtration levels with minimal pressure drop, making it highly effective for use with machine tool oils and coolants.

What sets Micromag magnetic filters apart from conventional filters is that it is not particle size sensitive. This means that the magnetic filters can remove magnetic particles of any size, even those that are sub-micronic. The system uses natural Rare Earth Magnetic material to produce extremely powerful magnetic flux fields that effectively remove metal debris from the oil. This makes it an ideal pre-filter to prevent contaminants from reaching subsequent filtration equipment.

Magnetic filtration is an effective solution for removing 100% of ferrous particles down to sub-micron levels from industrial fluids where ferrous and para-magnetic contamination is an issue. By removing these particles, the fluid life is extended, the surface finish of products is improved, component accuracy is increased, and wear on machinery and tools is reduced. Unlike other types of filtration, magnetic filtration requires no recurring costs since there are no consumables required once the system is installed.

Product of Eclipse Magnetics

  • Improved Surface Finish
  • Better Product Accuracy
  • Longer lasting Fluids
  • Minimal Fluid loss
  • No disposal cost
  • Minimum running cost
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Maintain flow rate
  • No back pressure.
Product number Flow rate Litres/min. Contamination Capacity kgs Max operating pressure bar Connection BSP Temperature range °c Construction
MM5 70 1 12 1 5-50 SAN Housing,
Aluminium Lid
MM10 100 2 12 1 5-50
MM20 150 4 12 1 / 1-2″ 5-50
MM5/HP/50 70 1 50 1 1-140 Full Aluminium
MM10/HP/50 100 2 50 1 1-140
MM20/HP/50 150 4 50 1 /1-2″ 1-140
MM5/HP/80 70 1 80 1 1-140 Full Stainless Steel
MM10/HP/80 100 2 80 1 1-140
MM20/HP/80 150 4 80 1 /1-2″ 1-140