Automag is an automated, self cleaning magnetic filtration system which offers continuous operator-free magnetic filtration with an almost unlimited removal capacity. The Automag system from Eclipse utilizes powerful ‘Rare Earth’ magnetic material to improve the quality, efficiency and performance of manufacturing, grinding and finishing processes.

The system only requires a small amount of compresses to cartridge & bag filters which use consumables. The Automag is fully autonomous no operator intervention is needed. These benefits alone ensure that the payback can be calculated in months rather than a year.

Automag can also provide massive benefits for other manufacturing applications that vary from industrial part washing systems to vehicle pre-paint body washing stations and any other applications that rely on a clean supply of filtered fluid.

Why install an Automag filter?

Ferrous & paramagnetic contamination is the most damaging of all the foreign matter that is found in any fluid, causing pump, gears, sideways & valve wear and increasing fluid degradation. Each particle that is left to re-circulate in the fluid will generate more particles, which will generate more particles, and so on. Unlike conventional filters, Automag is not particle size sensitive, if the particle is magnetic , no matter how small (even sub Micronics) the Automag will remove it !

How Automag works
Dual flow technologyTM ensures that fluid is exposed to the high intensity magnets for the maximum time, thus ensuring almost 100% of ferrous contamination is removed on the first pass.
Contamination is attracted to the tube of the cores. Cleaned fluid is re-circulated.
Compressed air lifts the cores from the tubes and the purge valve is opened. Contamination is released and washed away for collection.
Automag can be installed inline / in process or offline / off process

Product of Eclipse Magnetics

  • Higher flow, higher contamination.
  • Non-stop operations
  • Harsh chemical environments
  • Inline/offline
  • Automated self-cleaning (air operated)
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Temp. range: 5°C to 70°C
  • Multiple units can be grouped for higher capacity
Product number Maximum flow rate Litres/min. Contamination Capacity kgs Max operating pressure bar Connection PN 16 flange
AMC 200 2.5 10 1 / 1-2″
AM6 450 7 10 2″
AM12 900 14 10 3″