Best 1- Cutting Coolant Purification Equipment

Best 1- Cutting Coolant Purification Equipment

The function of general oil-water separators available only separate oil from water Coolant contains many bacteria, which lead to deterioration and bad odour of the coolant. The Best-1 Cutting Coolant Purification Equipment has functions to filter impurities, separate oil from water and sterilize & deodorize by an additionally fitted ozone apparatus. It can effectively extend the service life of the coolant and tool, enhance machining precision and significantly reduce time to replace cistern.

Why Is Ozone Required?

The anaerobic bacteria that grow in the contaminated coolant is the main reason of rancidity and foul odor. From our experience in the field of metalworking fluids, the deterioration of the coolant will not be solved and cured by plain separation of the coolant oil.

This is why we include an ozone generator to eliminate and minimize the growth of bacteria in order to achieve an extended lifetime for the coolant.

What Does the Control Panel Do:

It coordinates the duration of:

1. Pumping unit (suction) from the coolant tank
2. The rest time technique (using density theory to let the tramp oil float)
3. Oil skimmer unit (the process of oil-water separation)
4. Ozone generator (the sterilization and purification of the coolant)

These functions can be independently controlled and paused.

pH Detection:

pH fluctuation is the major sign indicating the beginning of coolant rancidity. The regular pH values for coolants should be maintained between 8.00 to 9.50. In comparison to a test paper, this device acts sensitively to provide an accurate value to 2 decimal places, giving alarms to users and providing a more efficient way to manage the coolant condition.

Before and After:
The below images briefly demonstrate the conditions and appearances of the coolants or metalworking fluids when they were in a deteriorated, bad condition, and became purified after using unit Best-1. The rancid coolants could turn out to have different colors, viscosity, or forms of floating tramp oil due to their concentrations, types, and how they were originally blended. 

If you are continue using these rancid coolants, harms to health and damages to tools would eventually occur. By avoiding the investments in metalworking fluid replacement and wastewater disposal, our units will act proficiently to help your coolant tanks achieve coolant purification, coolant oil separation, and coolant waste filtration.

Product of HC Feng

  • Impure substance is filtered
  • Oil / water separation
  • Ozone disinfection
  • Water quality purification
  • Extend tool life
  • Reduce cost
  • Safeguard health & improve environment
MODEL Best-1
NET WEIGHT 45 kg’s
SIZE 520X410X880 mm
POWER SUPPLY CAP. Single Phase 220V / 50hz AC
POWER CONSUMPTION 1Kw electricity / 24 hrs
FILTER SPECS 0.4 mm (Max. Particle)
PUMP CALIBER 10-30 ltr / min (Max. amount)
OZONE VALUE 500 mg / hr