Automag Skid

Automag Skid

The Automag Skid is a self-contained, free-standing magnetic filtration system providing uninterrupted 24/7 magnetic filtration. The skid can be used in-line or with the optional integral pump, off-line. A patent-pending Automag self-purging magnetic filter* removes magnetic and para-magnetic contamination, down to submicron size, from coolants and lubricants. The filter holds the contamination until it is released during the automated ‘purge’ process. This briefly diverts the filter’s purged output so that fluid carries all the contamination to the buffer tank. The buffer tank feeds the contaminated fluid to the high-intensity coolant roller.

The magnetic coolant roller removes the contamination from the fluid, putting clean fluid back into circulation. The contamination is extracted in a form ready for disposal or recycling.

Why install an Automag Skid System ?
  • Cut costs
  • Eliminate disposal costs
  • Extend the life of your fluids
  • Extend the life of other filters
  • Improve quality
  • Increase work piece accuracy
  • Improve work piece finish
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Reduce wear and tear of machinery
How It Works?

Contaminated fluid enters the inlet port where it is dispersed into the first filtration chamber. The fluid passes around the high-intensity ‘rare earth’ magnetic cores where contamination particles are removed. The fluid is slowed and enters the second filtration chamber where it receives further filtration. Contamination remains attached to the stainless steel sleeves of the cores. The filtered fluid exits through the outlet port. The purging process is fully automated. The cores are raised from the sleeves and the purge valve is switched. Fluid is pumped through the filter, washing the Contamination from the stainless steel sleeves and carrying it into the buffer tank.


The fluid is then slowed and passed onto the coolant roller. This purged fluid is highly contaminated. The flow rate and high magnetic strength of the roller ensure that contamination removal is extremely efficient. The clean fluid is then re-circulated, the contamination is scraped from the roller and collected for disposal or recycling.

Product of Eclipse Magnetics

  • Compact, general purpose magnetic filter.
  • Most machining applications.
  • Self-contained filtration and fluid recovery system for higher flow, higher contamination applications.
  • 24/7 automated operation.
  • Inline/offline filtration; Automatic self-cleaning filter (air operated)
  • Magnetic coolant roller for full recovery of fluid used in cleaning process.
  • Temp. range: 5°C to 70°C (filter unit)
Model Number of cores Maximum flow rate Litres/min. m³/hour Contamination Capacity kgs Maximum Operating Pressure bar
AM6 Skid Single 6 450 | 27 7 10
AM6 Skid Double 12 900 | 54 14 10
AM12 Skid Single 12 900 | 54 14 10
AM12 Skid Double 24 1800 | 108 28 10