Thermic Fluid

High-performance heat transfer fluid

Thermic Fluid A is a new generation, superior quality heat transfer oil formulated exclusively from highly refined base stock and specially chosen additive. The antioxidant additive provides excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown of the oil and ensures longer operating life. This oil has a very high flash point, low vapor pressure, and low volatility. Thermic Fluid A is compatible with seal materials normally used in heat transfer systems with mineral oil.


  1. Ideal for a wide range of closed-to-atmosphere (inertly sealed) applications
  2. Recommended for maximum operating temperatures of up to 300° C.
  3. Extensively used in textile manufacturing, chemical and processing plants etc where the oil is circulated in a pumped system operating under atmospheric pressure


  1. A superior dual-stage anti-oxidant system helps in preventing deposit formation, providing clean heat exchanger internal surfaces.
  2. High resistance to thermal decomposition.
  3. Its low volatility minimizes vapor pressure at elevated temperatures.
  4. Non-corrosive & non toxic
  5. Excellent thermal conductivity & high heat transfer coefficient.
  6. Longer life for parts such as rotary seals and pumps.


Contamination in Thermic Fluid– Sticky Sludge

Problem because of Contaminated Oil – The oil tends to get contaminated after which it has to be disposed of. The product being dipped in the furnace tends to collect the scaling and sludge on the final product

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