Desicant Air Breather

Desicant Air Breather

Breathers with NPT Adapters

ABF and MBF style air breathers feature large pleated surface areas which remove airborne particles three microns and above with exceptional dirt holding capacity. Higher dirt holding capacities extend the life of the air breather and thus the length of time between servicing. The ABF-S40 models are recommended for mobile applications and other situations where frequent oil splashing occurs.

ABF air breathers allow high capacity air flows and are available with both NPT and flange adapters. As can be seen a customized dipstick can be added to breathers with the flange style adapter. All flange style air breathers possess the same high capacity air flows as those shown in the table for the breathers with NPT adapter. The Filter technique D-AB-2 and D-AB-4 desiccant filter breathers feature a dual filtration process, removing water as well as solid.

Desicant Air Breathers

Our desiccant breathers are made with environmentally disposable silica gel, which absorbs and traps moisture while filtering the air down to 2 microns at the same time. The silica gel turns from yellow to green as it absorbs moisture so it is easy to see at a glance when the unit requires changing.

Model No.SCFM CapFiltrationWater removal Cap.Connection
DAB-2202µm90ml¾” NPT Male
DAB-4352µm500mlFixing Adapter required

  • Higher dirt holding capacities.
  • ABF air breathers allow high-capacity air flows.
  • Dual filtration process.
  • removing water as well as solid.
  • absorbs and traps moisture while filtering the air down to 2 microns at the same time.
Model No. SCFM Cap Filtration Water removal Cap. Connection
DAB-2 20 2µm 90ml ¾” NPT Male
DAB-4 35 2µm 500ml Fixing Adapter required