Neat Cutting Oil

Neat Cutting Oil Filtration Machine

Neat cutting oils are fluids usually based on mineral oils and used for cutting without further dilution i.e. as supplied by the manufacturer. They are generally blends of mineral oils and other additives.

Neat oils can be used for applications from light machining to heavy-duty operations such as Gear hobbing, Broaching, Turning, Honing and Drilling.

Neat Cutting Oils are used in a variety of machining operations e.g. Grinding, Turning, Milling, Broaching, Drilling, Tapping, Gear cutting etc. Primarily to provide cooling and lubrication which lead to good tool life and appropriate surface finish of the components being machined.

Neat Cutting Oils as opposed to soluble or synthetic cutting fluids provide high levels of lubrication to help reduce frictional heat as the cutting tool penetrates the metal or rubs against the swarf. Neat oils also save energy by reducing cutting forces.

Contamination in Rust Preventive Oil – Small ferrous particles, Non- ferrous particles, Chips.

Problem because of Contaminated Oil – Rejection of parts, Decrease in tool life, Less production, Cleaning of tank (time consuming process).

Neat cutting Cleaning Machine By KLEENOIL – The foodie can be used for Water-based & Oil-based cutting fluids, Metal cuttings, Aluminum powders and Non-magnetic metal particles. Traditionally when the oil was removed from the water a lot of the iron debris sediments & other material had to be dug out for which the machine needed to be stopped. The procedure was vast & time-consuming The Foodie – Chip/Sludge Removal machine solves your problems quickly & easily the double filtration (optional-precision type) grinding powder can easily be recycled It can be adjusted to different filter accuracy requirements.