Rust Preventive Oil

Rust Preventive Oil Filtration Machine

Rust preventive oils are popularly used as lubricants. They are used in bikes, gardening tools and factory machines to protect their parts from corrosion.

Rust preventive oils are applied to metals during a semi-finished or finished stage. They work by creating a protective coating around metal which prevents contact of the corrosive substance with the metal.

Rust preventives on mineral oil base are generally used for short-term inter-operational protection, coating components before wrapping or as a temporary protection of metal bar, rod or strip. Rust preventive oil suppliers suggest its use as flushing oil for internal protection of engines and machinery.

Contamination in Rust Preventive Oil – Small Iron Particles.

Problem because of Contaminated Oil – Rejection Of parts.

Rust Preventive Oil Cleaning Machine By KLEENOIL – The KLEENOIL Filtration System is a multi-purpose fluid cleaning system which is available in different models. The system can be used to clean Rust preventive oil. In its static form it can be permanently connected to large fluid reservoirs where the machines and engines are in constant use. As a mobile trolley it has a wide variety of applications, such as oil and fuel transfer and rotational cleaning of factory machinery.