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KLEENOIL FILTRATION is actively looking to expand our dealer channels by adding Domestic Dealers.

Become a KLEENOIL FILTRATION Dealer and enjoy the business opportunities and additional revenue generation that our comprehensive range of products and recognized brand delivers! Still asking yourself, why become a KLEENOIL Distributor.

  • Industry leading Filtration and Fluid Conditioning products and services, brand recognition, custom design and full in house support staff.
  • Marketing campaigns, special offers and special price lists to provide value to you and your customers.
  • Technical and sales staff dedicated to guide you in growing and expanding.
  • Training dedicated to help with product and market knowledge and accelerate growth.
  • Access to the largest selection of standard and customizable filtration products.
  • High Revenue generation and in demand products, large local markets.
  • Complimentary product line, lead generation support.
  • Great tier Discount and Incentive structure.
  • Qualification for private label brand building with your company name.
  • Promote our manufactured products to current and new customers.
  • Follow up on provided and generated qualified leads.
  • Work with internal and external sales/account manager(s) on collaborative opportunities.
  • Meet sales objectives and goals.
  • Facilitate ongoing training and product reviews.
  • Must be in business for more than 5 years, have an established building in or around the areas you serve.
  • Active sales force in markets we manufacture for: Industrial, Plastic Molding, Automotive, Mining, Energy, Maintenance, Pulp & Paper, construction etc.
  • Ideal Candidates: Hydraulic Distributors and suppliers, hydraulic service and repair companies, Bulk Lubricant suppliers and many more (call or email for initial qualification).

*All requests will be reviewed and responded to promptly.

Become a Dealer

If you are interested in working with us and want a dealership for Kleenoilindia, we want you to welcome to our family. Just fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.