Filtration Machine With Particle Counter

Filtration Machine With Particle Counter

Kleenoil offers a complete solution with oil analysis equipment installed on our filtration machines. The latest in technology particle counter ensures that the you, the customer, can filter your hydraulic oil or turbine oil and monitor the NAS or ISO level on the go.

The Filtertechnik branded particle counter can be fitted on the suction or filtration line allowing you to know the NAS or ISO level within your tank or on the outlet of the filtration machine.  

Perfect for proactive maintenance and on-line monitoring, the PC9001 is a continuous particle counter with instant LED readout, computer interface and trending software. It is simple to use, low cost, accurate and can be used as an alarm to notify you of any changes in contamination levels. The PC9001 software is ideal for long term trending, roll off and finished component test results and reports for quality control, on-line flushing to report when clean levels have been reached, reporting and logs for archiving.

At the heart of our laser counting equipment is the PC9001 instrument. Utilizing the exact same laser particle counting technology found in more expensive laboratory particle counting equipment, the PC9001 gives live readings of ISO, NAS or SAE readings. It is rated for continual use in industrial applications and is the ideal monitor to flag sudden changes in an oil condition. Accuracy is +/- half an ISO code, the PC9001 can be used to trigger alarms or operation of filtration system.

Laser Particle Counter