Lestoprex Oil Skimmers

Lestoprex Oil Skimmers

LESTOL- Oil Removing System

The oil Skimmer System is mounted above the liquid container, preferably on the opposite side of the liquid inlet. The Skimmer can be fixed with a steel bar which is guided through the aluminimum holder. The outlet hose is attached to the outlet connection piece which is led into a setting tank. The device is connected to a power source of 220V.

Case Dimensions:
  • Length / wdith outlet: 155/190 mm
  • Width: 85 mm
  • Height: 148mm
  • Weight:1.8kg
  • Execution: standard

Product of Lestoprex

  • Belt Skimmer
  • High-quality aluminium case
  • Oil-feeding special belt
  • Construction requires little space
  • Low priced system
  • Simple and low-cost operation
Model Lt leakage oil/h Type of belt Length Width Immersion Depth Electric Motor Cable
F40 ca.4 Standard Original 800mm Maximum 3300mm 40mm Maximum 1500mm 220V/50 Hz Yes