Furnace Oil

Furnace Oil is one of the cheapest fuels available for industrial use. It is a by-product of petroleum refineries. While processing the CRUD Oil, FO ( Furnace Oil ) is one of the products along with other petroleum fuels like HSD, Petrol, etc.

Typically it has a calorific value of 10000 cal/gm. The furnaces which are used mainly for heating or pre-heating a large quantity of metal, are the main users of FO. This can be stored in vertical as well as horizontal tanks, above ground, or even underground in some cases. The dimensions and capacities of these tanks are predefined in India by CCOE, which is the regulating body for fuel storage.

For direct burning, FO is viscous as well as not suitable for complete combustion. It is pre-heated to 55 degrees Celsius onwards, depending upon the application. The flow increases with temperature and it improves the combustion also. A water-based scrubber is used in the exhaust chimney of the furnace, which arrests a considerable amount of carbon suite and improves the emissions.



Contamination in Furnace Oil– Sticky Sludge, scaling, and heavy dust particles

Problem because of Contaminated Oil – The oil tends to get contaminated after which it has to be disposed of. The product being dipped in the furnace tends to collect the scaling and sludge on the final product.

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