Technology generation in the Indian tyre industry has witnessed a fair amount of expertise and versatility to absorb, adapt and modify international technology to suit Indian conditions. This is reflected in the swift technology progression from cotton (reinforcement) carcass to high-performance radial tyres in a span of four decades. Globalization has led to the linking of the economies of all the nations and therefore major Indian players in the tyre industry are pursuing global strategies to enhance their competitiveness in world markets.  The present section broadly undertakes an overview of the Indian tyre industry through an examination of its growth trends with respect to production, exports and acquisition of technological capabilities. The Indian Tyre Industry is an integral part of the Auto Sector – It contributes to ~3% of the manufacturing GDP of India and ~0.5% of the total GDP directly. So, let’s understand the dynamics of the Tyre Industry in India.

Indian tyre industry has almost doubled from ~Rs 30,000 crores in 2010-11 to ~Rs 59,500 crores in 2017-18 of which 90-95% came from the domestic markets.

Tyre manufacturing plants hold large amounts of hydraulic, gear and turbine oil. This oil in power packs and mills can be filtered through KLEENOIL online filtration machines keeping the oil cleaned to its required NAS level. Keeping the oil clean makes sure there is no maintenance breakdown or any damage to components in the process.

Application where filtration is required:

Mixing Mills, Calenders, Extruders, Tyre Curing Presses, Tyre Moulds, Tyre Building Machines, Bias Cutters, Injection molding machine.

Oil that we filter:

Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil.