The Indian Paper Industry accounts for about 2 % of the world’s production of paper and paperboard. The estimated turnover of the industry is approximately Rs. 35,000 crore (USD 7 billion) and its contribution to the exchequer is around Rs. 3000 crore (USD 0.6 billion).

The Indian paper industry accounts for about 4% of the world’s production of paper. The estimated turnover of the industry is INR 70,000 crore.

India is the fastest growing market for paper globally and it presents an exciting scenario, paper consumption is poised for a big leap forward in sync with the economic growth. The futuristic view is that growth in paper consumption would be in multiples of GDP and hence an increase in consumption by one kg per capita would lead to an increase in demand of 1 million tonnes.

Paper mills use hydraulic systems in their manufacturing set up to cut and press the paper in order to get the final product to their size. KLEENOIL online filtration machines keeping the oil cleaned to its required NAS level. Keeping the oil clean makes sure there is no maintenance breakdown or any damage to components in the process.

Application where filtration is required:

Rollers, Paper Mill Belt Conveyor, Kraft Paper Machine, Paper Slitter Rewinder, Egg Tray Making Machine Paper Pulper, Broke Pulper. 

Oil that we filter:

Hydraulic Oil