Luboil Filtration

Luboil Filtration Machine

Luboil is used in heavy-duty trucks to ensure their sufficient lubrication and normal oil pressure in any demanding conditions. It is suitable for high-speed, heavy-load, heavy-duty and four-stroke direct injection diesel engines as well as diesel engines in different large transporting and engineering vehicles, large passenger vehicles, power generation equipment and mining equipment made at home or abroad.

Contamination in luboil – Carbon Particles.

Problem because of Contaminated Oil – Engine seize, Low performance, Engine damages.

Luboil Cleaning Machine By KLEENOIL – The KLEENOIL Filtration System is a multi-purpose fluid cleaning system which is available in different models. The system can be used to clean Luboil. In its static form it can be permanently connected to large fluid reservoirs where the machines and engines are in constant use. As a mobile trolley it has a wide variety of applications, such as oil and fuel transfer and rotational cleaning of factory machinery.