Filtertechnik is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Oil analysis & Diagnosis. They have over 25 years of experience supplying filtration solutions to the UK and overseas markets for lubrication, hydraulic and gearbox oil applications.

Their in-house design and build team can supply solutions to meet the most challenging clean-up or oil polishing tasks, regardless of the volume that needs to be cleaned or maintained.

From diagnostic equipment for determining the type and quantity of contaminants, to filter bodies, filter elements or clean-up rigs, Filtertechnik have a solution for you.

Filtertechnik can provide next day oil condition analysis from our on-site laboratory with an easy to read report providing a clear diagnosis of your oil’s condition.

All of their filtration units are designed and built at our Nottingham center of excellence.

First For Diagnosis & Prevention

Their advanced diagnosis and prevention products, test kits, Particle Pal – laser particle counter and sophisticated laboratory service, will help you identify potential problems before it’s too late.

First For Treatment

They understand oil health. Filtertechnik’s family of ready-to-go filtration and oil polishing products enable you to effectively remove water and solid contaminants to keep your oil clean, and your equipment performing at its best.

First For Individual Cures

As expert designers and builders of customized filtration systems, they ensure exactly the right clean-up system for your specific oil’s health issue or challenge.

First For Health

They have been constantly innovating for over 25 years, making us the proven and qualified experts in oil health. If you need advice, consultancy, site-servicing, training or emergency product rental, trust Filtertechnik.