Nagel Honing Machine

  • Company Name: Maruti Suzuki
  • Location: Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Product Installed: Filtramag 2.5
  • Eclipse Product Installed: Nagel Honing Machine
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Process Type: Honing / Gun Drilling Machine

Application Background

Maruti Suzuki makes 1.5 million Maruti Suzuki family cars every year and have 2 state of the art factories. A diesel engine plant with a capacity upped to turn out 7 lakh diesel cars a year.
Spread over 300-acres, the Gurgaon Plant has 7 process shops and 5 assembly lines; the Manesar Plant spreads over 600 acres and houses 3 fully-integrated plants, with an annual capacity of 5.5 lakh cars.
The Manesar plant – JV Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd – is manufacturing world-class diesel engines. Currently at 3 lakh engines per year.


The main problem was tool life. Fine ferrous contamination in the lubricant was being circulated and causing damage to the drills, as a result this led to inaccurate drilling performance and frequent drill replacement. The layout of the workshop prevents installation of a central filtration system.


Initially the company fitted the Filtramag to one machine as a trial. The results were so good that within 1 week the customer bought 4 more of the same and now plans to fit out the whole site. The Plant Manager estimated that the purchase of drill bodies was reduced by 75%.