Lapping Machine

  • Company Name: Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: Manesar, Haryana
  • Product Installed: Automag Compact
  • Eclipse Product Installed: Lapping Machine
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Process Type: Honing

Application Background

Honda is the world’s largest manufacturer of two Wheelers and HMSI is a 100% subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd., Japan. The first factory of HMSI is spread over 52 acres including a covered area of about 100,000
sq. meters. Utilizing production technologies refined at the plants as starting point, the 3rd plant is employed with state-of-the-art manufacturing, automation and environment friendly technologies .

They specialize in Gravity Die-Casting & Low pressure Die Casting Sections that are for manufacturing critical engine parts.


Every shop has inspection facilities, and precision checks. After a series of operations like heading, flashing, heat treatment, rough and finish grinding,
the balls are put through final lapping operation. The oil is delivered to contact point and re- circulated via media filters. The previous filtration system was not able to give the Sub-micron filtration level. As a result, smaller particles continued to be circulated and accumulated at contact point. The product rejection rate was high due to scratches on part surface.


Automag Compact was installed along with existing Filtration. It was installed in the circulation flow between the pump and machine. The same was done in 4 other machines. It ensured that the smaller ferrous particles would not accumulate at contact point. As a result, rejection rate was minimized.

Other Opportunities

The first AMC was installed in their plant in Manesar, Haryana with an annual capacity of 1.65 million units. To meet the ever-increasing demands of the products, Honda has started operations of its second plant in Tapukara, Rajasthan. Honda’s third plant at Narsapura Industrial Area near Bengaluru, Karnataka is equipped to manufacture 1.2 million units. Discussions are on for the
AMC for these plants, too.