Hydraulic Press

  • Company Name: Rama Cylinders Pvt.Ltd.
  • Location: Kutch, Gujarat
  • Product Installed: Micron Filtration System®
  • Eclipse Product Installed: Hydraulic Press
  • Industry: Industrial Cylinders
  • Process Type: Hydraulic Presses

Application Background

Rama Cylinders Pvt. Ltd. has established manufacturing facilities to produce high-pressure seamless steel cylinders and allied products such as vessels, accumulators, tanks and pipes, etc. with installed capacity of 3,00,000 nos per annum at Unit 1 and 1,80,000 nos per annum at Unit 2.


There was an acute contamination of carbon & ferrous particles which were abrading the Hydraulic presses.

Along with this contamination, there was a lot of moisture accumulation in the hydraulic oil. Needed to save the valve in the hydraulic presses by maintaining oil NAS up to 8


Initially 1 no. Micron Filtration System® – model MFS2XHDU – was procured. Results were excellent and subsequently, more oil filtration systems were purchased in both plants

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