High-Quality Precision Components

  • Company Name: Sansera Engineering
  • Location: Manesar, Pant Nagar, Bangalore
  • Product Installed: Filtramag FM1.5 along with Micron Filtration System
  • Industry: High quality precision components for Automotive Industry
  • Process Type: Grinding & Honing applications


There was acute contamination of carbon & ferrous particles which were abrading the Grinding machines and getting production to a halt. 

The grinding of the parts was putting stress on the machine leading to grinding “burn”  which damaged the rim zone of the part  The wear rate of the grinding disc was also determined with respect to the grinding time. 

Irregular scratches due to Dirty coolant & Dust and/or other particles with Irregular marks of various lengths 

The main aim was to reduce grinding wheel consumption through a magnetic filter Along with this, there were settled chips in the coolant, leading to Isolated deep scratches on work Irregular “fishtail” marks of varying lengths and widths required to use a filter for fine finish grinding It is clear that even a sealed system can have a contaminated build-up, therefore any machine needs to have a means of controlling contamination.


Installation of the Magnetic Filter – FILTRAMAG FM+ was installed on the grinding machine and
results found were as follows

Report on ROI from the plant itself

With the success in one plant in Manesar where 16 Filtramag FM+ were installed on individual grinding machines, the same was applied to the plants in Pantnagar & Bangalore along with Micron Filtration System for their hydraulic oils.


Magnetic filters or magnetic separators are the most effective way of removing problem ferrous
particles from industrial fluids such as machine tool coolants, cutting oils, lubricants, grinding fluids
and industrial wash solutions.

These filters are widely used in a range of precision machining applications such as precision grinding, honing, lapping, drilling, cutting, steel rolling, EDM and wash stations.

The success of advanced magnetic filtration is based on highperformance magnets and optimised fluid flow dynamics. This enables magnetic filters to remove almost 100% of ferrous contamination without the need to regularly replace consumable media filters or having adverse effects on fluid properties.

Traditional coolant or grinding fluid filters such as bag or band filters typically leave ferrous
particles smaller than 5-10 microns circulating in the fluid, which causes damage to equipment
and finished products.

  • Extended fluid life – Reduced costs, decreased fluid disposal
  • Lower consumable costs – Reduced media filter consumption
  • Environmentally friendly – Reduces consumable filter waste and fluid disposal
  • Recycles ferrous waste
  • Increased productivity – Reduced machine downtime, tool wear and inspection failures
  • Improved product quality – Better surface finish

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