Grinding Machine

  • Company Name: MEC Bearings
  • Location: Alwar, Rajasthan
  • Product Installed: Micromag MM5
  • Eclipse Product Installed: grinding machine
  • Industry: Bearing manufacturing
  • Process Type: Needle Roller Grinding

Application Background

MEC Bearings is a leading manufacturer of Needle and Cylindrical Rollers widely used in two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and various other vehicles. MEC plants are spread over an area of 60,000 square feet and can produce 200 million units per month.

They do precision grinding and have Centreless and double disc grinding machines, along with super finishing machines..


Main problem they have faced is the surface finish of the bearings. Rejection rates were high due to ferrous contamination in the coolants of those machines. They were using only paper band filter previously. As a result, smaller particles continued to be circulated and accumulated at contact point.


Micromag MM5 was installed and previous filter was removed. It was installed in the circulation flow between the pump and machine. The same was done in 4 other machines. It ensured that the smaller ferrous particles would not accumulate at contact point. As a result rejection rate was minimized.

Other Opportunity

Initially trial was done on one machine which was successful. Eventually, 13 Micromag MM5 were fitted, in only one plant, one on each machine.

The company has 3 plants in Rajasthan itself. In the international market, MEC Bearings has a strong base of export to North & South America, Europe & East Asia.