Ginning Press

  • Company Name: Gomati Ginning Industries
  • Location: Amravati, Maharashtra
  • Product Installed: MFS 2 X SDU Micron Filtration System®
  • Eclipse Product Installed: Ginning Press
  • Industry: Cotton Industry
  • Process Type: Ginning Press

Application Background

Gomati Ginning, well known for manufacturing the best cotton from its state of the art and completely automated and latest technology-based plant in the Cotton industry. The company provides value in the Cotton business. They are equipped with latest machinery and technology for ginning and pressing.


In their GINNING PRESS at Amravati plant, there is contamination of cotton fibre particles in their hydraulic oil tank which were abrading the expensive Hydraulic cylinder which cost around 2 lakhs. At the end of the season, they would clean the tanks using old method filtering techniques. Such techniques such as the use of mesh are very time consuming and not up to the mark as per industry standard.


Initially 1 no. Micron Filtration System® – model MFS 2XSDU was procured and attached online on to their 1000 lts tank. Results were excellent and now they simply need to change the filter cartridge of the machine once a season and ensure there is no down time for removing the oil to clean the tank with the added bonus of complete protection to their hydraulic cylinders.