Cooling Water Circulation

  • Company Name: Lifelong Meditech Ltd.
  • Location: IMT, Manesar, Gurgaon (India)
  • Product Installed: Micromag MM5
  • Eclipse Product Installed: Cooling water Circulation
  • Industry: Disposable Syringes Manufacturer
  • Process Type: Injection Molding (Multi-cavity Mold)

Application Background

Lifelong Meditech is a leading manufacturer of disposable syringes. It has capacity to produce 900 million syringes per year. During the injection molding process water is circulated around the mold to absorb heat and allow the formed plastic to cool at the required rate.


Problems arise when the injection molding dies are not in use. The water remains static in the pipeline and rust (ferrous oxide) accumulates. Eventually this can cause blockages to the pipes stopping water flow to the mold. Starved of water supply the mold overheats, resulting in the product in the mold being ruined. In addition there is downtime to remove the product and unblock the water channel.


Micromag MM5 was fitted within the water circulation. The Micromag collected all the rust particles (ironoxides) from the water line. The problems of mold overheating have now stopped. The plan is now to install Micromag to each machine at the facility.

Other Opportunities

Lifelong Meditech Limited markets its products under the Safeway brand and it is the second largest producer of syringes in India with an installed capacity of more than 900 million syringes per annum. The company has its strong presence in the Northern States of India such as UP, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi and it is slowly increasing its presence in Western and South Indian states. In the international market, Lifelong Meditech has a strong base of export to Latin America.