Chilling Plant

  • Company Name: Universal Pipes
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Product Installed: Automag AM12
  • Eclipse Product Installed: Chilling Plant
  • Industry: Tube and Pipes
  • Process Type: Chiller Pump

Application Background

Universal Pipes is a leading steel pipe manufacturer. During the manufacturing process, coolant is circulated around the pipes to absorb heat and allow the pipes to cool at a required rate.

Manufacturing Process

A steel sheet passes through the rolling machine and then passes through the molding machine to get its round shape. At the end of the process, the pipe edge is welded and passes through a grinding machine for finer surface. While cutting the steel pipes in its required Length and grinding the pipes, the coolant circulated around the pipes has ferrous particles mixed in it. Now this contaminated coolant is circulated back to the Chiller tank and then pumped back to the mill.


Ferrous particles get accumulated in the tank. The tank has to be cleaned every 6 months due to the volume of ferrous buildup at the bottom. The tank has to be manually cleaned, resulting in downtime and the pumps are also damaged.


Automag AM12 was installed before the chiller. This dramatically reduced contamination entering into the chiller tank and increases the lifespan of pumps.