• Company Name: Musashi Auto
  • Location: IGC, Bawal, Haryana
  • Product Installed: Micromag MM10
  • Eclipse Product Installed: Transmission
  • Industry: Automotive gear mfg
  • Process Type: Shaving

Application Background

100% owned subsidiary of Musashi Seimitsu Industries, Japan. They produce Transmission system for 2 wheelers segment including shafts, connecting rods & camshafts.

Their machine shop includes machines like Gear Hobbing, Deep Hole Drilling, Gear Shaping, Gear Shaving etc. The gear teeth are fine finished on shaving machines.


The plant has a standard room inspection facility wherein they have a CNC Mode Checking For Tooth Profile & Lead Error which is used For Spur / Helical Gears & Shaving Cutters Accuracy Check. It was noticed that due to the corroding of the gear teeth, there was immense machine down-time and high rejection. Main cause due to due to ferrous contamination in the


Micromag MM10 installed on shaving machine resulting in saving the gear teeth. The same was done in 6 other machines. It ensured that the smaller ferrous particles would not accumulate at contact point. As a result the gear teeth of the shaving machine were saved.

Other Opportunity

Initially trial was done on one shaving machine which was successful. Eventually, 46 Micromag MM10 were fitted, in only one plant, one on each machine. In response to the global market, Musashi Group is strongly promoting the worldwide network system through five global bases (Japan, North America, South America, Europe, Asia), and also established sales
offices in Europe and North America.

After the success rate of the Micromags, trials are also going on with the Filtramag FM1.5 & FM2.5 for their honing, grinding & washing machines.