Perfluorinated Polyethers


During the capacitor manufacturing process, Ionized fluid layers comes on the Perfluorinated Polyethers.

This layer being developed changes colour to carbon black and also contains metallic particles.

The fluid has the tendency to generate contamination and turn white yellow when put under flow and hence our team had to de-charge the fluid in order to filter. Perfluorinated Polyethers is also used as a heat transfer fluid. During the process of heat transfer, carbon & metallic particles gets generated. This causes the customer to then further throw the fluid into waste landfill


We installed 1 no.  Micron Filtration System® – model SMFS 1XSDU on their Perfluorinated Polyethers .Filtration Machine had two pipes attached to it, one being the inlet and other is outlet.

We had put inlet pipe in Perfluorinated Polyethers tank.

They successfully saved 50kg of Perfluorinated Polyethers, saving them INR 8-10 Lakhs monthly as      the cost of oil per kg is INR 15,000.00

DIRTY FILTER CARTRRIDGE AFTER Cleaning Of Perfluorinated Polyethers