Micron Filtration System

  • Company Name: Birla Gold (Century Cements)
  • Location: ) Manikgarh, Chandrapur, MS
  • Product Installed: Micron Filtration System®
  • Eclipse Product Installed: Micron Filtration System
  • Industry: Cement Industry
  • Process Type: Gear boxes in crushing mill

Application Background

Birla Gold Premium Cement is a renowned brand in the cement industry for over four decades.
The Cement Division consists of four strategically located plants at Raipur in Chhattisgarh, Maihar in Madhya Pradesh, Chandrapur in Maharashtra, and Murshidabad district in West Bengal.
All the plants are equipped with the finest next-generation automated technology and state-of-the-art equipment, which ensures energy efficient and pollution-free production of cement.
All the plants are equipped with a captive thermal power plant for an uninterrupted power supply with synchronized support of grid power.


There was an acute contamination of carbon & ferrous particles which were abrading the expensive gear boxes in the crushing mills.
Along with this contamination, there was a lot of moisture accumulation in the hydraulic oil, reducing the properties of the oil and causing friction in the gears.


Initially 1 no. Micron Filtration System® – model MFS 8XSDU 9788 was used on trial to see results.
Results were excellent and subsequently, more oil cleaning systems were bought for the same plant, as well as their mill in Baikunth, Chattisgarh.
They even procured on-line particle counters to keep a check on the NAS value of the oils.
Plan is to buy the same machine for all their plants.

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