By-pass filters

  • Company Name: 4s synergies private limited
  • Location: Kundli, Haryana
  • Product Installed: Hydraulic By-Pass Filters
  • Eclipse Product Installed: Injection Molding
  • Industry: Sanitization manufacturing
  • Process Type: Die-Casting, Injection Molding, Hydraulic presses

Company Background

The company is a Sonipat (Haryana) based business entity that excels in the production of different kinds of products for sanitization. It serves as a dependable manufacturer and supplier of sanitizer dispensers; dispensers stands and sanitizer dispensers mats. These products are manufactured using the finest quality materials to render impeccable performance in aspects related to sanitization. These products are manufactured in compliance with the set standards of the healthcare sector.


The Sanitization manufacturing plant has highly automated production facilities, and reliable equipment is the key to maintaining a high output. A wide range of sub-systems for production processes and logistics contribute to creating
efficient just-in-time flows without holding large stocks.

Due to the contamination in the oils, the pumps got damaged & Kleenoil was called to save those pumps from further damage.

The high precision and fast cycle times made it critical to keep the oil clean and dry. Since the corrosion in the pumps as a complex has varied automotive systems; oil was not the result of a chemical reaction kept clean and dry, there was a risk of expensive down between the metal and the fluid time, loss of efficiency in the supply chain and lower
quality products.


With the Kleenoil By-Pass Filter installation, the plastic molding machine got a very effective oil filter with the highest dirt capacity suitable for systems with high levels of particles or oxidation residues. They did not need to stop production untimely to service the oil filter. Technically, the Filter is known for keeping the oil clean, dry, and without oxidation residues, which is documented over many years and in numerous plastics production installations.

They installed the KLEENOIL HYDRAULIC BY-PASS FILTER on individual machines for 24X7 filtration
Hence the oil was continuously cleaned, and no manual intervention was required. The filters absorbed the moisture from the oil and NAS7 had been achieved. It also greatly reduced the collection of waste oil.