Hydraulic By-pass filters

  • Company Name: Amber Enterprises (India) Pvt. Ltd
  • Location: Amber Enterprises (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Product Installed: Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • Eclipse Product Installed: die-casting machine
  • Industry: Air-Conditioning
  • Process Type: Die-Casting, Injection Molding, Hydraulic presses

Application Background

Amber Enterprises India Ltd is a prominent solution provider for Air conditioner OEM/ODM Industry in India. It has a dominant presence in RACs complete unit and deals in major RAC components with 10 manufacturing facilities across India focusing in on different product segments.
With expertise in components like heat exchangers, sheet metal components, injection molding components, and system tubing and motors, Amber is strongly positioned with its backward integration to derive the core deliverable’s in terms of quality, cost & delivery.


In their pressure die-casting (PDC) plant, Dehradun there is an acute contamination of carbon & ferrous particles which were abrading the expensive machine pump.
Along with this contamination, there was a lot of moisture accumulation in the hydraulic oil, reducing the properties of the oil and causing friction in the pump.
NAS value of the oil needed to be maintained at 6 before installing a new pump.


Initially 1 no. Micron Filtration System® – model MFS1XSDU was used on trial to see if it could be better than the electrostatic machine, that was already in use and not being progressive.
Results were excellent and subsequently there was interest in other plants, as well.

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