Laser Particle Counter with Printer

Laser Particle Counter with Printer

Laser Particle Counter For Hydraulic and Lubricating Oil

Kleenoil brings you the latest technology for contamination control. The particle counter comes with archiving and trending software providing a cost-effective analysis solution and a must-have for service engineers.


Perfect for proactive maintenance and on-line monitoring, the On-Line Laser Particle Counter-PC9001 is a continuous particle counter with instant LED readout, computer interface and trending software. The particle counter along with the printer accessory is a must-have in any analysis lab or maintenance department where you can check the condition and monitor your oil.

It is ideal for plotting ISO cleanliness trends with accuracy at +/ – 0.5 an ISO code, the On-Line Laser Particle CounterPC9001 utilizes the exact same laser particle counting technology found in more expensive laboratory particle counting equipment.

The oil analysis particle counter with printer provides early warning signs for:

  • Rise in contamination
  • Water Ingress
  • Component Wear
  • Oil Oxidation
  • Filter & seal Failure
  • Cavitation


  • Particle counting with LED readout via USB
  • Attached Printer and Digital Screen for real-time reading
  • Computer software for archiving data and trends
  • Can be installed on all your Fuel or Oil Polishing Units
  • Cost-effective contamination control
  • Accuracy is +/- 0.5 of an ISO code
  • Test points for easy connection


  • Printer facility available, Digital Screen, NAS & ISO calculation
  • Alarm Indication with relay controlling systems
  • ISO – 4406, SAE – AS4059 and NAS – 1638 class readout
  • Ideal for fluid cleanliness
  • Real-time analysis for fluid cleanliness
  • Easy to install

  • Ideal for fluid cleanliness trending.
  • Real time analysis of fluid cleanliness.
  • Easy integration into control systems.
  • Alarm indication with relay for controlling system.
  • Printer facility available, Digital Screen, NAS & ISO calculation
  • Real time analysis of fluid cleanliness-ISO, SAE & NAS class readout.
  • 500 bar pressure.
  • Window 7 compliant , software included.
  • Low cost and compact.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Easy to install.
  • Results can be exported into Excel for additional reports and logs for archiving.
Model PC9001-Eurobox
Dimensions 8.9 cm (W) 10.7 cm (D) 8.9 cm (H)
Enclosure IP 66/67 IP 66/67
Fitting connections 1620 test points
Power requirements 9 to 33 VDC, 150 Ma
Storage temperature -40 to 85˚C (-40 to 185˚F)
Operating temperature -10 to 60˚C (-14 to 140˚F)
Altitude limit 2000 m (6562 ft)
Overvoltage category 1
Pollution degree 4
Protection class III
Light source Laser diode, Class 1
Particle size/channel 4,6, 14 and 21 µm (ISO MTD)
Storage/operating humidity 97% relative humidity, non-condensing
Fluid compatibility Hydraulic & lubrication oils, minerals, synthetic
(Phosphate ester compatible) diesel fuels
Fluid viscosity 2 to 424 cSt1
Reports ISO 4406, NAS and SAE cleanliness code
Wetted materials Brass, aluminium (anodized), steel, stainless
steel, sapphire, Aflas®
Performance verification Optional validation certificate available
(ISO MTD at 2.8 mg/L concentration)
Reproducibility ±0.5 ISO code (minimum concentration ISO
MTD 2.8 mg/L, maximum ISO code is 29)
Weight Approx. 7kg
Serial Interface USB-B
Communication protocol MODBUS RTU
Mounting holes 14.8cm x 8.8cm
Printer facility Yes
Display Digital Screen