Diesel Contamination – Is diesel fuel clean?

Diesel Contamination – Is diesel fuel clean?

No it is not!

Diesel contamination with dirt, water and sludge can occur at different moments and places in the production and transportation process.

  • Production – Every operation incurs outside contamination.
  • Bulk Storage – Over 26 days initiates chemical reactions that cause further impurities.
  • Transport – Transferring into and from the tanker truck incurs outside contamination.
  • Station Storage – Most transport companies store their own fuel in bulk. On-Site storage has a larger vulnerability to contamination.

Before the diesel is in your tank, it has passed several transfers and storage facilities. On all this stages, dirt and water can contaminate the diesel. This diesel contamination shall decrease the final quality of your fuel. For many years, this process has been unchanged and the fuel quality in your truck was good enough.

Why fuel needs to be cleaned?

From the moment, diesel fuel leaves the refinery it attracts water through the normal process of delivery and condensation. The present water in fuel will inhibit engine performance and will rapidly wear and oxidize engine components causing rusting and corrosion resulting in Injection damage and seizure. Poor fuel qualities, lead to blocks injectors and inhibits efficient combustion. Common Rail engines circulate unburnt fuel, that has passed an intense heat source and start a chain of oxidation, through the lines, pump and tank causing further deposits & pick up.

Means a better combustion savings?

With the KleenFuel filter, contamination, rust, bacteria and water will be removed from the diesel fuel. This shall lead to a clean fuel which results in a better combustion and lowers the fuel consumption and combustion gasses. Tests with KleenFuel has given results from 5% to 17% fuel savings.

Why an extra filter?

An common question is: their is already a fuel filter in the system, so why do we need an KleenFuel Filter? Standard fuel filters, have a 25 micron filter in most cases and are installed in the pressure line. At the pressure line it is not possible to improve the filter microns because this shall have effect on the motor management system. With a KleenFuel filter, the fuel will be filtered with a 3 micron and water will be absorbed which results in a clean and good quality diesel fuel. Installed in the diesel fuel return line, their is no effect on the motor management.

KleenFuel, removes contamination from the diesel fuel and gasoil like:
  • Rust
  • Contamination
  • Bacteria
  • Water
  • Sludge

This shall lead to a clean fuel which results in a better combustion and lowers the fuel consumption and combustion.

Tests with KleenFuel has given results from 5% to 17% fuel savings.

In the same way, Kleenoil Filtration Units operates on a by-pass oil system. KleenFuel has found a safe point on the fuel system where it can circulate the filtration of fuel. Cleaning down to 3 micron absolute (1 micron relative) and removing all water as it is formed into the diesel fuel.

  • Commercial engines have components which has tolerances between the moving parts of 3 – 4 micron.
  • A human hair width is 70 micron.
  • Standard inline fuel filtration generally cleans out all particulate over 25 micron.
  • KleenFuel cleans up to 1 micron (relative) 3 micron (absolute).

  • Extends oil life by upto 5 to 6 times.
  • Removes moisture, most acids and  sulpher dioxides from the oil.
  • Removes carbon down to approximately 1 microns; Is easy to install.
  • Extends engine life by at least 2 times.
  • Reduces engine and machinery components wear; Reduces pollution.
  • Dramatically reduces engine downtime.
  • Comes complete with fitting kit.
  • Diesel and Fuel Filters
Filter Unit images
Filter Unit Code KU65
Filter Cartridge Code KF65
Suitable for Engine Capacity upto 65ltrs
Water retention (down to<0.05%) 0.95ltrs
Technical Specs of Unit H 165mm Dia 180mm
Technical Specs of Catridge H 105mm Dia 175mm