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What is Magnetic Filtration?

Any industry that uses fluid containing any ferrous magnetic or Para-magnetic particles will benefit from the installation of an Eclipse Magnetics Micromag, Filtramag or Automag magnetic filtration system.

Major benefits of Magnetic filtration?

  • Significantly lower operating costs

  • More environmentally responsible

  • Sub Micronic Filtration

  • Increased Product Quality

  • Reduced wastage and potential recovery of contamination

  • No filter blockages or loss of flow and no increased Differential Pressure Loss

  • There is reduced downtime and reduction of carbon footprint.

What is sub-micronic filtration?

Single stage filtration to Sub-Micronic Levels Standard’ media-based filtration would need two or three (or more) stages, with coarser prefiltration, to reach fine levels of filtration Increased oil/coolant quality/cleanliness = increased part quality/decreased wear etc.

Does it help me reduce wastage?

    Yes it does as there is:

  • No blocked Media to Dispose of

  • Reduced disposal costs, reduced landfill etc

  • Reduced loss of Oil/Coolant

  • No loss of oil/coolant within cartridge

  • Potential Recovery of Contamination

  • Retained waste iron and steel may be recoverable as an saleable asset rather than a waste product

Will it restrict flow in normal usage?

Eclipse Magnetic Filters will not block or cause a restriction to flow in normal usage, even when fully saturated, no risk of oil/coolant starvation causing engines or gear boxes etc. to sieve, or tools to burn out etc Automated Self-Cleaning systems require no day-to-day maintenance or filter changes – ever! Manual Systems will not block, or cause a system shutdown by showing an increased differential pressure.

Magnetic filtration can be used in almost any environment where ferrous, para-magnetic and grinding medium contamination of a liquid is a problem.