Simply the finest filters....

What is the AutoFiltrex?

Autofiltrex is the latest generation in high performance magnetic filtration

The Autofiltrex magnetic filter integrates market leading magnetic technology by ensuring 24/7 "ultra-polished" machine tool fluids. The "plug and play" unit delivers savings in fluid usage, filter consumables and waste disposal costs. In addition, it improves surface quality.

The fully automated magnetic filter, cleaning and reclaim unit is ideal for most ferrous machining applications such as grinding, honing, lapping and EDM. It works off-line, taking dirty fluid from the holding tank and returning clean, polished fluid. The polishing process continues even when the machine is not in use,

Why install Autofiltrex

  • Rapid return on investment - capital cost v cost savings

  • Ensures 24/7 "ultra-polished" fluids (without removing key additives)

  • Extends fluid life by up to X10

  • Huge improvements in part surface finish

  • Can reduce spend on filter consumables to zero

  • On going protections for machinery and tools